Welcome to

Hope & Light academy

We believe every student should be embraced for their strengths, their differences and for what makes them exceptional. Our school offers a strong academic education, by providing our students with a learning environment that celebrates individuality, fosters creativity and curiosity, and encourages all personalities to shine through.


Our Programs

Kinder - 5

Our Kinder-5 offers developmentally appropriate practices for early childhood.

Elementary School 1st - 5th

Our students benefit from small classroom sizes that engage them with the most up-to-date curriculums.

Middle School 6th - 8th

Dedicated to providing academic excellence, community involvement and cultural development.


Our school offers a strong academic education, in a positive learning environment.


Hope & Light Academy

Why Families choose? We take education to the next level, providing students with an all-inclusive, supportive school community. Students feel safe, heard, and supported, which allows them to be the best that they can be!
We meet the needs of students with

A superior vocabulary.
Advanced ideas and opinions.
High levels of creativity and problem-solving ability.
A curious, imaginative, and inquisitive wide range of interests not related to school.
Penetrating insight into a complex issue.
Specific talent or consuming interest areas.
A sophisticated sense of humor.


Our Students Get

Individualized Support

Because students have varying levels of difficulties and needs, H&L Academy offers the highest level of education and support.


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